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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Video Quran with Urdu Translation Download

How the Holy Quran was written and compiled? Part -3.
Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem
From the ahadith mentioned in my previous posts it can be deduced that it was in response to the request of Prophet Mohammad (saw) that Allah (saw) had introduced seven different huroof/dialects in the Holy Quran for convenience of reading because different Arab tribes used different dialects.This also proves that the different Huroof were revealed by Allah(saw). They had not been introduced in the Holy Quran later on by Prophet Mohammad (saw) or anyone else for that matter.It was a custom that if a Sahaabi learnt the Holy Quran in one particular Huroof from Prophet Mohammad (saw) he would teach it to his students in the same style.The Arabic language used in the Holy Quran is that of the Quraish tribe because they spoke the most fluent and classical Arabic in the entire Arabia.As far as the concept of Haroof is concerned we find that there are many schools of thought about this issue. The concept has been the subject of a lot of scholarly discussion. The forms were similar to the dialects of the following 7 tribes: Quraysh, Tamim, Yemen, Hudhayl, Thaqîf, Hawâzin and Kinânah. As it has also been proved by the relevant ahadith the reason behind revelation of the Holy Qur'an in seven different huroof was to make its memorization as well as its recitation easier for the different tribes.In other words the seven huroof are the different ways of reciting the Quran that were given to different people using different dialects at the time in Arabia. So each dialect is correct. However, if the Holy Quran is recited in a dialect that is different from the Quraishi one and if one tries to jot down what he is reciting, then he would end up with different words in terms of spelling and in some cases in meaning, too, from the original version of the Holy Quran. The confusion that arose due to this situation became the reason for the second compilation of the Holy Quran, under the guidance of the third Caliph Hazrat Usman (ra).
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

3D Quran Majeed "SUBHAN ALLAH"


How are you all? Hope you all will be right syhun

Name:    Quran Majeed
Size:      40MB

i want to tell u about this program. It is 3D and it is beautifully designed.Seeing this made MA SHA ALLAH says can not any longer.Now download this software and Remember me in prayer.